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What does the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation do?

What do we do? The Foundation’s aim

The aim of our work is to save the lives of sick people and especially sick children as well as to improve their medical condition. Also, The Foundation’s active involvement in health care enables us to support health promotion and propagate medical prevention.

We are furthering our aims by organizing the Grand Finale fundraising events, buying medical equipment for hospitals all over Poland and by carrying out five nation-wide medical programs and an educational one.


The WOŚP Foundation is usually associated with the fundraising event organized in January, the so-called Grand Finale (click here to learn more about the Finale!)Regardless of snow under their feet and frosty air in their lungs, thousands of volunteers and millions of Poles go out to the streets to help us achieve our aim. Every year, the Grand Finale has a different theme and the Foundation raises money for a different cause. Among our previous themes there were for instance:

  • Children’s heart surgery
  • Saving children victims of accidents
  • Saving the lives of infants and young children
  • Saving children with kidney diseases
  • Saving children with inborn defects
  • Progressive methods of diagnostics and treatment in neonatology and pediatrics


We are also running multiple nation-wide medical programs. Click here to read more.


We teach first aid in elementary schools:
CPR for Schools, our educational program.

We organize Europe’s biggest open-air music festival, the Pol’and’Rock Festival.
Pol’and’Rock Festival